GLOW Sparkling Infused Beverages
Sparkling Infused Beverages

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Purchase GLOW Sparkling Infused Beverages in 6 pack and samples pack varieties of; Energy, Hydration, Mango Apricot & Spicy Watermelon.

GLOW Beverages - Mango Apricot Hydration - 6 Pack

GLOW Beverages - Mango Apricot Hydration - 6 Pack



6 Bottles of Mango Apricot Sparkling Hydration

GLOW Sparkling Infused Hydration was created to give you the boost you need to GLOW from the inside out. This great tasting Mango Apricot flavored version includes; GLOW’s proprietary’s infusion of antioxidants and vitamins, is only 15 calories and includes premium ingredients like Milk Thistle & Prickly Pear Extract. Order today and feel the GLOW.  

- Unique Vitamin Formula
- Rehydrates vital organ functions
- No artificial flavors, sweeteners or colors. 
- Light, Refreshing taste
- 0 Sugar & Low Carbs
- Milk Thistle used to protect the liver
- Prickly Pear for fiber, vitamin C and antioxidants

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